Poděbrady Race Walking
National Championships, International match and EA Race Walking Permit Meeting

Team manual

Poděbrady Race Walking 2019

  • EA Race Walking Permit Meeting
  • National Championships
  • International Match

Organized by: Czech Athletic Federation

Date and Venue: 6 April 2019, Poděbrady


EA Technical Delegate:

  • Janusz Krynicki POL

Coordinator of Race Walking Judges:

International Race Walking Judges

  • Frédéric Bianchi SUI Level III
  • Jens Grünberg GER Level II
  • Hans van der Knaap NED Level III
  • Martin Škarba SVK Level II
  • Emmanuel Tardi FRA Level II

Walking Events:

International Match: FRA, HUN, IRL, ITA, LTU, SVK, CZE

Events: 20km race – men and women, 10km race U20 – men and women

Czech and Slovak National Championships:

Events: 20km race – men and women

European Athletics Permit Meeting:

Events: 20km race – men and women, 10km race U20 - men and women

Public Events:

  • Main Events: 5km race U18 – men and women (born 2002 – 2005)
  • 5km race Masters – men and women (from the age of 35 on the day of race)
  • Additional Events: 1 – 2km Children and Youngsters Running Race
  • 1km Walking Legends Race and Fitness Walking Race
  • Kids´ Athletics

EA Race Walking Permit Meeting Entries:

To sign up for the EA RW Permit Meeting and Public events please fill in the Entry Form link: http://www.podebrady-walking.cz by Thursday, 28 March 2019 until 24.00 at the latest.

Starting Fees for the participants in the Race Walking Events (excluding in quota athletes of the International Match and participants of the National Championships)

  • 100 CZK/4€ - 10km U20 M, W, 5km U18 M, W
  • 150 CZK/6€ - 5km Masters M, W
  • 250 CZK/10€ - 20km M, W

International Match Entries:

In accordance with contract, based on Entry Forms to be send to mfeikova@atletika.cz:

Preliminary: 25 February 2019

Final: 28 March 2019

Competition Office (Accreditation)

Gallery of Ludvík Kuba, Central Spa Building

Opening dates and times of the Teams' Accreditation Centre will be as follows:

Friday 5 April 2019 11.00 – 21.00

Saturday 6 April 2019 08.00 – 20.00

All registered athletes shall report in the Competition Office in order to carry out the administrative procedures, to pay the fees, to obtain the accreditation cards,
bib numbers, etc.

Final Entries Confirmation will be closed on 6 April 2019 at 11.00 a.m.

Competitors must provide a certificate of a medical examination not older than one year on the day of the competition.

Call Room:

Before each event the competitors shall come to the Call Room from where they will be escorted to the competition site.

Changing Rooms:

At your disposal in the Central Spa Building.


International Match participants will be accommodated in the Spa Hotels Poděbrady (Tlapák, Zámeček, Libuše, Zimní Lázně, www.lazne-podebrady.cz.)

Accommodation options for other participants:

Accommodation will not be arranged by LOC, must be organized and paid by each participant.

Transportation V. Havel Airport Prague - Poděbrady - V. Havel Airport Prague:

LOC arranges transportation on the expenses of the Czech Athletic Federation for the International Match participants.

Non-International Match athletes requiring transportation according to data entered to the entry form will pay for their transportation as ordered in the entry form (www.podebrady-walking.cz).

  • V. Havel Airport Prague – Poděbrady: 15€ /380 CZK
  • Poděbrady – V. Havel Airport Prague: 15€ /380 CZK

Payment Methods:

Total amount of the entry and transportation fees are to be paid on site in cash or by credit card.

In case of need of the prior bank transfer please contact Mr. Tomas Taubr: ttaubr@atletika.cz

Medical Service:

MUDr. Petr Krejčí, in the start/finish area.

Doping Control:

Doping Controls shall be conducted in accordance with IAAF Rules and Procedures in the lounges of the Café Swiss.

Prize Money: 20km M, W:

1 st place 1000 €, 2nd place 700 €, 3rd place 500 €, 4th place 300 €, 5th place 100 €.

Above mentioned amount will be given to the athletes in case of achieving the following times:

M: 1:22:30, W: 1:34:30

In other case the amount will be reduced to 50%.

Time Limit for the 20km race M, W:

Athletes not able to achieve the time limit for 15km (1:25:00 for men and 1:35:00 for women) will be disqualified.

"Pit Lane" rule (P230.7c):

The Pit Lane rule will be applied in the U20 10km races (men, women). After receiving a third red card, athletes will serve a penalty time of 60 seconds in the Pit Lane.


Friday, 5 April 2019

  • Arrival of the foreign teams and individual athletes, accreditation of the competitors
  • 20.30 Technical Meeting

Saturday, 6 April 2019

  • 9.30 5km race masters (men, women) and U18 (men, women)
  • 10.00 – 12.00 Kids´ Athletics
  • 10.15 1-2km Children and Youngsters Running Race
  • 11.00 Victory ceremony of the 5km race
  • 11.30 Victory ceremony of the Children and Youngsters Running Race
  • 12.15 1km Walking Legends Race and Fitness Walking Race
  • 12.45 Opening ceremony
  • 13.00 –16.00 Kids´ Athletics
  • 13.00 10km U20 race women
  • 13.20 10km U20 race men
  • 14.20 Victory ceremony of the 10km U20 race men, women
  • 14.45 20km race women
  • 15.30 20km race men
  • 17.00 Victory ceremony of the 20km race women
  • 17.20 Victory ceremony of the 20km race men
  • 20.30 Victory ceremony of the Teams´ competition, Closing ceremony

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