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20 km race – men and women, 10 km race juniors – men and women, 5 km race U18 – men and women, masters – men and women

10 October 2020, 88th year Entry form Team manual

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10.10. 2020

Palmisano and Karlström won in Podebrady

The 88th Poděbrady Walking meeting took place on the spa colonnade. Its winners were the Swede Perseus Karlström and the Italian Antonella Palmisano. The Czech Republic Championship was dominated by Lukáš Gdula and…

6.10. 2020

Start list 2020

Start list 2020 [PDF]

24.9. 2020

Latest information on covid-19 while entering the Czech Republic

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11.10. 2020


2.9. 2019

Poděbrady Walking 2019

9.4. 2019

Poděbrady tradition: from the cradle of the current athletics to Czech worldliness

The history of race walking associated with Poděbrady dates back to the nineteenth century. However, a long tradition does not linger at present, to the contrary. Its freshness is demonstrated by at least two outstanding events: in 1997 the Czech Athletics celebrated one hundred years with a successful World Cup, and in 2017 the elite from all over Europe met here at a similar event during the 120th anniversary of the local "queen of sports".

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